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Simplicity Is Underrated

This article starts with a story about photography. But carried within it is a message I think most of us (not just photographers) can learn from. I hope you find it useful.
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Walking 1000 Miles to Find My Everest

I've decided to take part in a couple of challenges being run by some of my favourite magazines.  In this article I'll tell you which challenges they are, why I'm doing it and how I'm keeping track of my progress.  I'll even give you the option of downloading the spreadsheet I'm using so that you can use it too if you want.
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The Journey

Having never walked the Miners Track at Mount Snowdon before, doing so at 4am, and on my own, probably isn't up there with the most sensible things I've ever done.  Yet there I was, in thick darkness with only my head torch to light the way.
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Mental Health Awareness Week

Until last Tuesday, I had no idea that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Speaking personally, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  Seems like a weird thing to say about mental health issues, when is there ever a perfect time! 
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