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The Fuji X-T20 – Lightening the load on body and mind

I’ve written and re-written this article many times. The problem I’m facing is that I don’t want this to sound like a ‘why I switched’ article or a gear review. I find that stuff useful and there’s definitely a place for it, but writing about it doesn’t lift my shadows.

My previous attempts at writing this article were starting to sound like just that. I also noticed I was trying to justify my choices with in depth explanations, which I shouldn’t need to do. My hopes in sharing my story here, are that it will inspire you to think beyond pixel count and frame rate.

My why

So let me just say, I haven’t been shooting enough this year and the only person who can control that is me. I wanted to try more street photography. But the thought of carrying around a DSLR to do that weighed me down both mentally and physically. Something had to change.

I bought the Fuji X-T20 with 16-50mm and 50-230mm. In short, it had everything I needed. I know I’ve made the right choice because I’m finding myself with a camera in my hand a lot more often. Just to be clear in this instance, I’m not talking about my choice in camera, I’m talking about my decision to go for something smaller and lighter. Although I am very happy with the camera!

What it cost

One of the best bits about this is it didn’t (technically) cost me anything. I traded in my Nikon D5300 and 2 lenses with MPB. If you’re considering selling your gear, I’d highly recommend them. They gave me a reasonable price, sent a courier and the money was in my account 2 weeks later. No messing about with tyre kickers asking ‘what’s your best price’. Combine this with some money I got for my birthday and the cash back deals currently on offer from Fuji, I broke even.

How mirrorless has benefited me

Having a camera in my hand more often has sent me on a journey of self discovery. The kind of stuff I’ve been shooting has been street photography, with kind of a photojournalist style. My background is predominantly landscapes, which I still enjoy. But I find myself connecting with this new style (to me) on a completely new level.

As a result of this self discovery, combined with a small group of very important people to me, I have been inspired to make some new and exciting life choices. I’m not prepared to talk about what those choices are yet, so I’ll just say it’s given me new direction. I haven’t been able to say that in a long time.

Thanks for reading.


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